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- Introduction
- History
- World & Maps
- Game Ideas


- Character Generation
- Character Sheet
- Races
- Equipment
- Arcana
- Runners
- Ghosting
- Glossary


- Game Ideas
- System Summary
- Combat
- Other Rules
- Creatures of Darkness

- Time Line

- Advice
- Inspiration

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Other Stuff.

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Mankind is safe.

The demons hordes have thinned, believed to have been vanquished to the Demongrounds along with their queen the Crone.

The populace split between the simplicity of the Circle and the overpopulation of the Undercities. The leaders of each condemning them to ignorance, a simple way of protecting them from the evils of demons.

There are others that realize that the Crone waits, she is happy to pick off the ones that wander off. She knows that the Undercities Politicians and the Circle's mages are more corrupt than she could ever be. It would not be long until they were all hers.

The Circle keeps its people in complete ignorance, they know nothing of simple technologies, nothing of running water, they only know the labour of the fields and the safety of the Circles doctrines and magic.

The Undercities have packed people in to overflowing but they know they are the safest. Their populace has access to clean water, jobs and medical attention to those that can afford it. These cities constructed eons ago control exactly what the people are allowed to know. Vast computer systems recycle and reclaim wastes but also keep a watchful eye lest someone discover any of the banned technologies that opened the gate to the Darkness that allowed the demons their foothold.

There are other factions too, some know what happened and prepare for the next onslaught, others manage to make a hand to mouth living re-purposing left over technologies from be for the Fall of Man.


Set 10,000+ years into our own future. Much of society has collapsed and remerged into another dark age. Those civilizations that remain have computer controlled restrictions placed on available technology. Stranded alien races have been confused for beings from folklore, to a point where those that have lost their history believe it too. A world where demons wait in the darkness looking for a chance to live out their insanities.

Darkness is a old school Dice and paper role playing game. Every attempt has been made to streamline the system and speed play but with out oversimplification.

The character sheet is spreadsheet based, to avoid all the number crunching and keep all the reference material in one place. It can also be printed blank and filled manually if you prefer. Dice rolls are with a single 20 sided dice.

Click to Download Zip


The site has fallen into quite some disrepair, something that I will attempt to remedy. I have been updating the game system pretty much weekly the last 5 years. but only tweaked the website about once a year. So the bulk of it is a lot behind. One Darkness' core concepts is to keep all the rules on the character sheet. Once familiar with the system, it is all that is required to play the game. There is intentionally no reference material other than background.

Quick Start Guide

Starting players are limited to 80points and a Skill Maximum of 4, which allows access to tier 1 talents. Progression is GM's digression.

Attack roll AND Damage roll use the same dice roll. on a successful attack read of the damage from tech chart of the weapon.

Avoidance reduces change to hit a targets in combat.

Opposed rolls are either resolved by the

Highest dice roll that does not go over the appropriate Skill + STat.

Simply a d20+Stat.

an Effect Level is generated by rolling a d20 under Skill+Stat. the number on the dice + Appropriate Stat then Halved. This is then applied as a penalty. The Effect Level is often halved again depending on circumstance. This gives the penalty to the opponents rolls (eg Stealth +Reflexes vs Awareness + Intelligence) [This bit is all handled by the spreadsheet only really Magic and Stealth require to be treated this way the direct comparison of results as above in most other cases.]

Everything Else is written on the sheet. (I hope)

Confused?... drop me an email and ask me questions, I love talking about it.








Copyright. I claim copyright to all things on this website. I'm happy for people to play the game and use the stories and background for private non-profit use. I will one day publish the system more officially. Once of course I find the time to put it into a publishable format. Oh and run a spell check.

Complaints about the white on black... due to floaters in my vision it is actually far clearer than black on white... Seeing as I proly look at this alot more than you do Its so it doesnt hurt my eyes :).. Just highlight the section your reading if it really matters, its what I do on your sites:)


Copyright 2002. A. Glare .. Limited use allowed see note in the Introduction section.

What is Darkness??

Darkness is an imagination/storytelling role playing game intended to be played by two or more people. Roleplaying in a post holocaust dark future world with feudal kingdoms and futuristic cities.

What is role playing?? RPG or role play game or roleplaying game. Roleplaying is form of storytelling where the audience (the players) create the actions of the stories main characters. The GM acts as a guide or story teller.

Darkness is a storytelling game. If your after an ONLINE/Game try Anarchy-Online