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Many different races exist, many mundane and ordinary and many fantastic and unusual. These are the more common sentient races. Statistic limits and racial abilities depend on race.

Racial Statistic Ranges.

Race Str Bod Ref App Int Cool Pers Luck Max Skill
A.I./Droid 0-20+ 0-20+ 0-12 0-15+ 1-13 1-13 1-8 0-8 2
Baaldrolt/'Dwarf' 5-11 5-12 2-9 2-8 2-10 4-10 2-10 2-12 2
Cautl/Shifter* 2-10 2-10 2-12 5-10 2-10 2-10 2-10 2-10 1*
Changling* 2-10 2-10 2-10 5-10 2-10 2-10 5-10 2-12 1*
Childer 2-7 2-7 2-12 4-10 2-10 2-8 2-10 2-14 3
Dracoul 2-12 2-11 2-10 2-10 1-9 2-10 2-8 2-8 2
Galtor/Orc 2-12 2-12 2-10 1-5 1-8 1-10 1-8 2-10 2
Gnome 2-5 2-6 2-12 2-10 4-10 2-10 4-12 2-12 3
Human 2-10 2-10 2-10 2-10 2-10 2-10 2-10 2-12 No Limit
'Light-Elf' 3-10 3-9 4-12 5-12 5-10 2-10 5-10 2-8 1
Ilvarr 4-10 4-9 5-12 5-12 5-10 2-10 5-10 2-8 1
Minor Dragon 4-12 4-12 2-10 4-10 2-10 2-8 2-10 2-10 1
Pixie* 1-10 1-10 5-12 5-12 2-10 2-10 2-10 2-10 1
Alvec/'Wing-ed' 4-12 4-10 2-10 4-10 2-10 2-10 2-8 2-10 1
Replicant 4-13 4-13 4-13 4-11 4-10 1-8 1-7 1-5 1

NB statitic ranges are incorrect on this chart. The ones on the Character sheet are correct.

Half-breeds statistic ranges are an average of both parents round towards the parent the child most resembles.

* Optional race. Some GMs may not allow these more powerful races.

Skill increase per session

Certain races adapt to the world around them slower than others. This limits the amount a Skill may be raised and the number of skills in each Skill Group that may be raised. The GM having the final say as to what is appropriate. Humans do not have this restriction.

For example an elven character has experience points, saved from multiple games, at best can only raise one skill from each Skill Group by one point. So for example Combat Armed and Unarmed cannot both be raised even if they had enough experience to.

A human character can spend experience points anywhere they see fit, even raising skills from 0 to 6 given enough XP (21points, 1+2+3etc)


A.I./Droids: Artificial Intelligence. A computer simulated intelligence that has moved past it's initial programming and begun to learn and grow, developing a real personality and character. In other cases they are the result of a 'Mind Copy' and are based on a real person.

They take on the physical form of whatever device they are loaded into, their physical attributes depend on that form, an AI in a laptop would have a strength of 0 where as an AI fitted to a Heavy Security Droid would have a 20. AI's may be readily moved from one device to another. AIs are quite at home in an Undercity's network, being able to 'Ghost' and move about when loaded at a Node. See Ghosting Many are specialised in Ghosting.

AI's that allocate points to Str, Bod, Ref and App will have a 'form' that is capable of these stats and are considered' Droids'. Should the AI be fitted to a non-droid form it should be purchased as special equipment, bought as a Merit discussed with the GM. Otherwise the AI is assumed to be fitted to a portable computer and carried by one of the other PC's or free roaming on an Undercity Network. When moving from form to form the AIs Inteligence, Luck, Cool & Personality are retained. Reflexes are also retained but is limited or adjusted by the form. Strength, body & Appearance are entirely dependant on the form.

Servant and security Droids are sold in Undercity Cores and when discarded can end up in the outer core or even a shanty town on the surface. Ancient Technology Droids, have been found in the demongrounds but these are rare and often in poor condition. (Merits discussed with GM)

Recommended :- Specialise in Ghosting

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Baaldrolt/Dwarves: Dwarves as the humans call them are a short stocky people, a tall dwarf able to reach human average height. They are long-lived and stubborn. Dwarves are used to the low light of their mines and can navigate underground quite instinctively. Dwarves live quite long lives upwards of 2-400 years about 2-4 times human. They are proud, honourable, hard working and enjoy their ale. Dwarves are fascinated by technology but are distrustful of electricity. Dwarves are used to the hardship of their mines, the extremes of temperature. They trade mined ores with other races for food and such through the Gnomes. They manufacture metal and stone goods of the highest quality.

Recommended: Strength & Body 7+

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Childer: Rarely noticed in numbers outside their villages, childer tend to be ignored, seen as human children. Very rare adventurous ones become spies, thieves and occasionally assassins. Their childlike appearance making them easily ignored. Many a kingdom has fallen due to the work of childer spies and assassins. Many of the Twin Cities and Lake's street urchin thieves are actually childer. Childer tend to live a bit longer than humans.

Recommended : Luck 7+, reflexes 7+


Dracoul: The Dracoul are bipeidal cold blooded repltiles. They have a fairly humanoid appearance but have smooth scaley skin which can change colour with its surroundings. Their faces are reptilian but vaguely humanoid and oddly asthetic even to humans despite having no stucture to their nose. Being cold blooded they are sluggish in cold climates and heat will energise them. They mostly are a primative race occupying the swamplands to the east of the Orcish lands. Not all lead a tribal life and apart from their appearance they can integrate well into any society, Undercity or Circle. They live twice as long as humans. Their ancient metabolism allows them to go longer without food or even air.

Their villiages are built near the ancient ruins that are scattered through out the swamps. These once great ziggurats belong to another culture that came before the Dracoul, and possibly even the elves.


Elves: Elves are immortal and can only die by violence. Immune to poison and disease, they do not scar nor age. Their main weakness is infection, injury beyond Minor may become infected (Body + Resist to avoid) and only cured by Antibiotics or Magic. The pain will eventually claim the elf's Sanity, their immortality imprisoning them (1pt San a week).

Elvin sanity is frail, they have long lives full of regret or boredom. The order and boredom of Elvin society at times leads to suicide or accidental death, anything to escape the monotony. Elves feel themselves above all other races, looking upon other races as children to be minded. They change their ways slowly and do not integrate well into Undercities, nor are they welcomed.

Average height is taller than human but height ranges are similar to human. Weight tends to be lighter than human for the same height. Obesity though possible is very rare.

Recommended:- Reflexes 7+

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Ilvarr/Dark Elves: This race is a subspecies of 'Light' elves. Banished centuries ago for 'aggressive thinking', these elves found machine cut tunnels and caverns near the Dwarven kingdoms. Embracing technology, they are better at warfare and handling machine weapons than other elves. Due to their underground city however, they have virtually no magic and may not take Darkness. They suffer many reproduction problems, Dark elven numbers are far fewer than their above ground cousins.

Essentially warlike, they are good fighters, military service being compulsory. The military has a hunger for war that only the Royal Family can counter. Any war victory would be short lived with an already shallow gene pool the inevitable reduction in numbers would only bring their extinction closer.

Dark elves are distrustful of magic and those who use it having lost touch with it generations ago. Their war like nature and their Arcane technology have created many legends of their 'magic' and cruelty. Dark Elves are distrusted more than even the Orcs by most races.

Physically identical to other elves, but they are used to lower light conditions so may see in near total darkness. Light elven skin is bleached by the sun, as dark elves spend most of their time under non-natural light their skin is slightly darker.

Dark Elves function well in Undercities, their society and home being similar. Mere ridicule pales by comparison to being hunted on the surface. A true dark elf would disdain hiding their elven heritage for in their own eyes they are the true elves.

As Elf but also

Recommended : Specialise away from magic, a Pre-fall tech Item may be purchased as a talent.

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Alvec/Winged: Known to the humans and most races as the Winged. They are a race with a short history and no large Alvec communities. Most find themselves in the service of wizards from a very early age. Hatched from eggs most do not know their parents and thus their history. Alvec stand 7 foot tall and a very stong. They have reptilian or feathered wings with which they may fly, given enough practice. All Alvec may glide but it requires a 'flying' skill 3+ to take off unaided. Alvec live long lives 3-4 times humans. They however integrate poorly with society rarely finding a place unless in the service of another. They appear to be tall humans except for their wings. Undercity and Circle societies more or less accept them.

Recommend : Specialise in Psi.

Galtor/Orc: Big and stupid they can see well in low light conditions but not complete darkness. Orcs don't live very long. If they manage not to die in the many Orcish battles between rival clans, they can expect a ripe old age of about 50 years, half that of a human. Favourite past times include Raping, Pillaging and Burning but not always in that order. (See half-breeds for some more info). If they do manage to reach the second half of their life span they develop into quite dangerous adversaries. Orcs under 25 rarely have Stats other than STR and BODY over and skills above 3.

Recommended: Strength & Body 7+, survival 2+.

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Gnome: Shorter than childer but twice as wily. Gnomish shops can be found in any city dealing in everything from clothes to magical items. Be careful in your dealings with them, they are shrewd businessmen despite their small stature. Gnomes have a trading alliance with the Dwarves and the childer going back centuries. There are other gnomish trading alliances but their secretive nature makes these but rumours. Gnomish life span is hard to determine, their secrecy and similar appearance makes it difficult to trace age, no gnome would be willing to correct being mistaken for another. They mostly appear to be a little past midlife and bald. Once a gnome reaches the age of 200 past that it's anyone's guess.

Recommended : Luck 7+, personality 7+

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Half-breeds: Humans will breed with anything (as bad as orcs sometimes if only the orcs could get the rape, pillage, burn thing right), the offspring representing part of each parent. However human blood is so strong that the half-breed is considered human if they sire a child. So a half-elf would only sire humans or half-breeds, never a true elf. Orcs will breed with anything at all any offspring will be mostly Orcish regardless except for half humans who will be half-orcs. Half elvin-orcs are incredibly strange and unusual. None have been seen, probably due to the difficulty of elvin conception and elvin good taste. Elves and Dwarves, the likelihood of two of these surviving being left alone in a room alone are quite low and anything productive much lower.


Humans:Humans make up the bulk of the known world they can learn to survive and thrive in any climate against any hardship. This ability to adapt gives them the ability to raise skills through experience faster than any other race, any amount per session. There are many different groups of humans each with different world viewpoints.; The Wizards Circle, The Undercities, The Druids, The Runners

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Mutant Scavenger: On the edges of Demongrounds live scavengers. Shunned by their own people and having to scavenge the demongrounds and trade to survive. These 'people' live a nomadic lonely life.  Each individual is significantly genetically different from the next and as such their 'statistic ranges' are different. Before Character Generation determine a mutants 'Racial Stat Maximums' by spending 82 points on the 8 Statistics. (Ref, Str, Int etc).

Recommended: psionics, mental discipline, specialised in Psionics, Physiological Flaw,


Replicant : Artificial people genetically modified and redesigned. Due to their lack of a childhood being born fully-grown and having a short life span 4 to 10 years, not much time is available to develop social skills and strength of character. Their artificial nature provides little luck, they have no Gods to smile on them. Replicants do not learn past their programming well and learn slowly. They have a childlike emotional range happiness and anger not the more complex ones such as :loathing, love etc

Recommended : Physiological Flaw, Unshockable
Replicant are 'designed' for many different purposes; Combat, Mining, 'Entertainment' etc. Their merits would reflect what they were intended for. Such as Low light Vision, heightened senses, Tech aptitude, 'flexibility' etc.


Character Generation : know you know what race to take, have a look at character creation.


Special Races.

These races are a challenge to GM and to play. Only experienced GM's should allow these powerful races and even then the GM should make things hard for the player with special encounters with hunters etc.

Cautl/Shifters: There are two main breeds of Shifters. Shifters may choose to appear human but naturally they are either great black cats or a winged black reptile. A Dragon Shifter's wings unlike true dragons do not have separate 'arms' and wings. Their arms have a membrane that allows them to fly. As well as shifting to human form they may also become a smaller version of their 'animal' form. The two strains are sworn enemies and given a chance will attack each other on sight.


Lycanthropy is a magical/demonic disease transmitted thru saliva, mainly only humans are susceptible. In human form the character is normal but susceptible to fits of rage and bloodlust that in extremes can bring out the beast. The beast has improved strength and innate weaponry (teeth). During the full moon the beast will always manifest and attack, kill and eat. When in non-human form they have little to no knowledge of their human existence and will have no memory of the beasts actions when returning to human form.

Were-wolf characters need two character sheets. One for normal human form another for the wolf. Wolf bonuses are added to the normal stats then filled into the second sheet. The wolf form provide an extra layer of 'minor' wounds, extra wound circles for high Body apply. This extra layer of wounds regenerates ONE wound per round unless damaged by silver, fire etc. Once the wolf's minor wounds are filled for a location excess damage is then recorded on the human character sheet. When the Were-wolf reverts back to human form any damage to the human character sheet remains. The wolf's damage is ignored.

In wolf form;

Stat ranges are as human.
Recommended. Amnesia.


When a Fey steals a Human baby, a changeling with each eye a different colour is left in its place. Many Changelings donít realize their origins. Changelings are immune to Fey shot and can tell Fey money at sight. They are able to see into the spirit world naturally and take to magic with ease. They can blend with their surroundings, not becoming invisible but simply unseen as long as they move slowly. They can see hiding Fey normally. Other Fey greet them as kin. They are natural poets and musicians. Domestic dogs dislike Changelings unless they go unseen. Are allergic to iron. They do not cope well with modern technology. They are slow and weaker during the winter.

Recommended. Specialise in magic & never magically inept.
Stat ranges are as human.


Like Changlings Pixies are Fey, a magical and often thought mythical grounp of entities. Pixies stand 12 inches (30cm) tall. If they have succeeded their 'test' they may have won their wings and may fly. This test should be challenging and risk death. They rarely have any arcana ability being mostly physical beings.

May not specialise in Arcana but may not specialise away either.